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Instagram Viewer

Instagram is a popular social media that allows you to share videos, images with your online friends. It is a widely used media throughout the world among all age people. This media has won lots of hearts as a way of recreation. Viewing other’s photos, videos, stories etc helps us to get rid of boredom. There are several features on Instagram that can make your profile private and public. A public profile is easily visible; you can see anyone's shared pictures and other stuff if a certain person makes their account public. Whereas a private profile is needed to be followed. Whosoever's follow request is accepted by the account holder is permitted to check out their shared items. Most of the common people tend to make their accounts private to avoid unwanted attention and strange messages. But there are few technical apps which can offer you to view the contents of a private account. Thus if you want to keep an eye on your desired account without following them you can give a try to these private Instagram viewer apps. These super apps will let you enjoy any private profiles or account, all you need to access the app is the URL or the username of the particular private account and you are good to go.


Why should you view someone’s private Instagram account?

You all have gone through a situation when you are dying to view someone’s Instagram account but they are on private mode. There might be some reasons that you cannot follow the account or you want to stay anonymous and watch out their Instagram Feeds. Theirs, cancelling your request may be another vital reason. In such cases, the private Instagram viewer apps can be your saviour as well as your best friend. These apps help you check out any private profile safely without letting the profile holder know about your existence.

What are the best apps to view the private Instagram account?

PRIVATE INSTA It's an awesome tool to watch out anyone’s private accounts on Instagram. The mechanism is also simple there is no need of installing any app on the targeted account’s device. All you need is after installing the app in your device; you have to enter the desired account’s URL or username correctly. After you press the 'submit' button after the copy-paste process you will be shown the account's posts. But before that, you have to answer a few questions for a general survey. Overall, it is a great app to view private Instagram more easily.

INSTA DP Is another app which you can to view private contents of a profile and it works in the simplest method among all other. To utilize the app you need to install it in your device first. After that, you have to copy past the very account's username or URL and hit the search icon. The app will bring you up with your desired contents after answering a few questions as a general survey. The questions are more likely basic and common and with this app, you can download the pictures and videos of that account.

Other methods to see the content of a private account

Apart from the Instagram viewer apps, few websites claim to show the shared contents of a private account, but, be extra cautious while giving them a try. If you neither want to take help from any software or website to view the private accounts nor approach the account holders directly to accept your follow request. Here is another way to peep on their account, just create another profile with an identity that can be granted as an original one and send them to follow request. If your created account looks suspicious and fake the chances of getting rejected is high. Glancing at someone’s account may not be as simple as following an account. Thus, be very careful about this matter and make sure that your intentions are right for the person whom you are spying on. All these apps discussed above are safe and legal; thus, you do not need to be worried about using these apps just stay on your right behaviour.

Private instagram viewer

KidsGuard Pro

Those who want to follow a private account of their family members or loved ones secretly without the knowledge of a certain person, can use this app. With this app you can have a track of someone’s latest uploaded photos, videos, Instagram chat history, their following and followers and even their screen activity etc. It is a top-rated app and the success rate according to the users is around 95%. To use this app at first, you need to download and install it on the device of the certain person whose account you want to spy.

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Insta looker

It is another mind-blowing app for the Instagram viewer and for getting the information about someone's private account. This app is not as risky as the previous one, but, it only shows you the account's last uploaded pictures and videos and let you download them. Sometimes the accounts may show incorrectly for typing wrong URL or username. And the best part about this app is that you do not need to undergo any kind of pre-survey before tracking a profile secretly.

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Watch Insta

Using the watch Insta app to view someone’s private account is also a great idea. This app is also easy to access and give finer results after a short survey. Similar to other Instagram viewer apps, you need to search the profile with the correct username or URL to get the results.